Annual General Meeting 2018

Annual General Meeting - Sunday 8 April 2018

The nomination forms are now at the back of the church for :

  • Two churchwardens
  • Four deputy churchwardens
  • Eight PCC members
  • Two deanery synod representatives

Currently the PCC meets every two months and whilst there is a legal responsibility in that members are trustees of the church, there is also the other side where the members make decisions on behalf of the congregation of St Luke's. Please do consider if you could stand and be part of the decision making process, particularly for the future of St Luke's.

David Denner has been our only Churchwarden for the past three years we did not have a warden, though David was warden in all but name. We should all be grateful that David stood again after Peter left, but this has put immense strain on one person. David has been warden for the past 12 years. Should anyone be expected to shoulder that responsibility for so long and especially for the past fourteen months without an incumbent and on their own?

In order for us to continue to function as a church we need people to fill the roles mentioned above. Please do consider if you could stand, or speak to someone you may know who may be able to and encourage them.

Please speak to any member of the PCC if you need any further information.

Elizabeth Glynn

PCC Secretary